We have made the difficult, but necessary decision to end the school year on Tuesday, May 26, 2020.  Next Tuesday will be the last day CRCS teachers will be making phone calls to students. This decision was made because we are concerned about the safety and well-being of our students and families due to COVID-19.  These are challenging times and your focus needs to be on keeping your family healthy.

Due to safety reasons within the plaza, we are not going to be holding any celebrations or graduations at this time.  When the situation improves, and families feel safe again, we will work to get something scheduled – even if this means it is in July!  

I am so proud of our school.  The students, parents, staff, and community have come together at this difficult time to focus on student learning.  We should be very proud of our system of distance learning as it has been admired by many others.  Our attendance and participation was one of the highest in all surrounding schools.  Our parent engagement was also very high compared to others.  Thank you for collaborating with us to help students learn.  We make a great team!

I am excited to share that almost all of our staff members are planning to return in the fall.  We will also be making a few changes at the school based upon parent input.  These areas include student discipline, middle school classes/curriculum and technology access.  If distance learning continues in the fall we will work to have technology available to all students.

Thank you for your continued support of CRCS.  We will provide you with updates over the summer.  Please stay well.

Who We Are

As the fifth charter school in Minnesota, the United States, and the World, Cedar Riverside Community School opened its doors in the fall of 1993. We are celebrating our 26th year of continuous operation! Cedar Riverside Community School is a tuition-free charter PreK- Grade 8 school serving about 180 students.

Our primary goal is to work in partnership with families from the Cedar Riverside neighborhood and the surrounding communities who wish to take part in the education of their children in a rigorous educational environment. Cedar Riverside Community School ensures academic success through rigorous curriculum standards and specialized support for English Language Learners – all while setting high expectations for students.

Cedar Riverside Community School establishes strong skills in math, reading, literature, writing, science, physical education, art & technology – all of the essential areas of learning. We will also carry out a strong character education program to make sure students develop exceptional leadership skills and are well-rounded in all areas and ready for high school and beyond. Class sizes are small to accommodate personalized learning.

The doors of Cedar Riverside Community School are open to you. Please contact us to schedule a visit (612-339-5767). Translators are available.

Thank you for considering Cedar Riverside Community School!