Vision and Mission

CRCS Mission Statement

  • Cedar Riverside Community School connects our students to the world by means of a rigorous, academic program with an emphasis on literacy and character development.

CRCS Vision Statement

  • Our school’s vision is to empower our students with the academic excellence and moral fortitude necessary to make a difference in the world.

CRCS Value Statement

To provide a learning environment of the highest quality, Cedar Riverside Community School values…

  • Relationships: We are committed to relationships built on trust, respect and professional competence which contribute to the mission and vision of Cedar Riverside Community School.
  • High expectations: We set high expectations for students and staff. We demand excellence in teaching and learning. We believe strongly in the importance of educating the whole person and preparing students for lifelong learning. We value the cultivation of character and the modeling of honesty, integrity, compassion, fairness, respect and ethical behavior, both in the classroom and beyond.
  • Student-Centered: We are committed to education, inquiry and service in order to meet students’ changing needs. We foster lifelong learning, civic and social responsibility, leadership, and individual and career growth.
  • Community-centered: CRCS promotes involvement and provides experiences that foster a lifelong commitment to its community. CRCS strives to create and maintain effective channels of communication. We believe in the importance of sharing our human and academic resources with the community through partnerships and outreach activities.
  • Commitment: We value employees who are committed and engaged: staff who give of their best each day; who are committed to CRCS’s mission, vision, values and goals; who are motivated to contribute to the school’s success, who are committed to each other and the well-being of every student; and do what ever is needed to get the job done.
  • Collaboration: We promote effective communication and collaboration. We speak clearly and listen openly and actively. We are committed to a teamwork environment where every staff member is valued, treated with respect, encouraged to contribute, and recognized and rewarded for his/her efforts.